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Knowledgeable California Attorneys Defend Employers Accused of Disability Discrimination

Thorough lawyers handle ADA complaints in the San Diego area

Accusations of unfair hiring or treatment based on an employee’s disability status can have negative impacts on a business. With a thorough understanding of what is required of employers under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California and local laws, the counselors at Law Offices of Charles S. Roseman defend businesses in the San Diego area and throughout California against disability discrimination allegations and complaints. When individuals pursue civil action against your company, we can advocate for your best interests during negotiations and litigation.

Committed California counselors advise businesses on responsibilities to disabled workers

Under the ADA, employers with 15 or more employees have certain responsibilities for providing fair treatment to disabled workers and job applicants. To prevent your business and employees from violating the law, it is important to create and enforce policies that protect disabled workers’ rights, including those in regard to:

  • Reasonable accommodations — If an employee requests certain accommodations to help them do their job effectively, employers are required to provide those accommodations as long as doing so would not be too difficult or expensive.
  • Hiring and promotion — As long as a disabled individual is qualified to perform the essential functions of a job, whether with or without reasonable accommodation, it is unlawful to look less favorably on them when making hiring or promotion decisions.
  • Compensation — Paying a disabled employee less than other workers is illegal. It is also illegal for employers to use other discriminatory practices that affect compensation.
  • Benefits — Employers cannot offer lesser medical benefits to disabled individuals or to individuals with a record of physical or mental impairment.
  • Privacy — The law prohibits employers from sharing an employee’s personal medical information without their consent except when legally necessary.

Employers who fail to adhere to ADA requirements may face legal action from employees or job applicants. The lawyers at Law Offices of Charles S. Roseman work to have claims dropped and to reach satisfactory settlements.

Determined attorneys fight unfair accusations of disability discrimination

When your business is accused of disability discrimination, seeking guidance from an informed lawyer can empower you to proceed in a way that protects your interests and minimizes risks. One possible defense is to demonstrate that fulfilling an employee’s or applicant’s workplace or job accommodation request would cause undue hardship for your business. We can also work to show that the employee’s disability was not a factor in your employment decision.

To put together a strong defense, the lawyers at Law Offices of Charles S. Roseman collect evidence and conduct interviews with the objective of demonstrating the valid legal reason for your actions.

Contact respected California disability discrimination defense attorneys

The attorneys at Law Offices of Charles S. Roseman are well versed in employment law as it pertains to disability discrimination and are able to provide a vigorous defense. If your business is the subject of an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint or ADA claim, call our San Diego office at 619-544-1500 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with a qualified attorney.